Corporate Responsibility

  • We Live with Responsibility
  • We Care- Child Rights
  • We Care – Human Rights
  • We Preserve- Our Culture
  • We Live – Sustainability

We Live with Responsibility
Cal India Tours & Travels , India has undertaken various programs in association with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) supporting energy conservation, creating sustainable development opportunities for rural Indian artisans and craftsmen of India, helping villagers with seeds and fertilizer , supporting an school of 600 students girls & boys  in suburb of Agra with full education for underprivileged children with providing them transportation , books , uniform , meal during a day , paper recycling amongst others.

Cal India Tours & Travels supporting Rotary International for Polio Free India since 1996.

We Care- Child Rights
Through a series of initiatives, Cal India Tours & Travels , India continues to support the charitable organisation ‘Cry ’ with its mission to provide children from low income communities with the access to a powerful art education that empowers them to discover their potential and convert that into a source of livelihood. The high quality products created, generates revenue which allows it to sustain itself, bring more children into its fold, and provide more alumni with career opportunities. To support the cause of child education, Cal India Tours & Travels, India launched its initiative ‘Care for Child’ Employees donated basic level books like stories, drawing and poem books and clothes. 1100 books were donated to Schools with an NGO working for education of underprivileged children in India.

We Care – Human Rights
Cal India Tours & Travels, India commits itself to respect the rights of human beings to proactively foster an environment of awareness on societal concerns. This year we successfully collaborated with Help Age India, an NGO striving to raise resources to protect the rights of India’s elderly and provide relief to them through various interventions. Employees of Cal India Tours & Travels, India directed their efforts in a Walkathon to promote better understanding of ageing concerns and support the NGO in their cause and care of the elderly and to improve their quality of life.

We Preserve- Our Culture
Cal India Tours & Travels, India has resolved to make its own contribution to protecting and preserving India’s Culture for future generations and to safeguard the livelihood and tourism potential they offer to the regions concerned. Cal India Tours & Travels, India collaborates with Happy Hands Foundation, an NGO that strives to create spaces for rural artists and urban youth/masses to interact and engage with each other through workshops, fellowships, carnivals and power projects which spread awareness, revives cultural traditions about the crafts and arts of India. Today, they have impacted the lives of 900 artisan families from all over India,Thailand ,Srilanka , Nepal for allowing them an income base from craft-work.

We Live – Sustainability
Cal India Tours & Travels, India pledges support towards making our world sustainable for our future generations by adopting and practicing a “No Paper Policy”. No Printing Day “paperless office “is also observed every year to raise awareness about the need to save paper for energy conservation. As part of its commitment to environmental leadership, Cal India Tours & Travels, India is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact through its usage and supply of paper &printing.